by toogie 07 Dec 2018

Cuties, THIS is Kim's ITH hand sanitizer (however NOT her flower design. I inserted the flower design I got free in 2014.) You can use any mini design you already have to change up on these, or an initial, etc. The changes are endless!

This ITH Hand Sanitizer fits these pocket gel bottles from Bath & Bodyworks. You can get them, when they are on sale, 5 for $6. It's kinda high, if you're making a lot, but smells so good. I don't see the ones I get. I like the peach scent and Nora likes this Champagne Sparkle I have in these photos.
Kim was able to fit my bottle, even tho she didn't have one herself, from cross-country! Isn't she amazing?!
Thanks again Kim and you could have posted it, I sure didn't mind, as it's your design! 5 *****job on digitizing!!!!!
Also, I got the hardware at Hobby Lobby when it was 50% off, which at $1.99 regular price, still made them 50 cents each at half off. If anyone finds them cheaper, let us all know,please.


by robinbird 08 Dec 2018

Lovely job on these holders you'd made& sure to make nice gifts too.Would you pleaz give site info too?Merry Christmas to all& flowers. :~D

by pennifold 08 Dec 2018

Well done Toogie, they look fantastic. Kim's a great gal. Love Chris

by dailylaundry 08 Dec 2018

Great job - love the colors!! Makes a very useful gift!! Hugs, Laura

by SUEF 07 Dec 2018

Very nice! Well done! The design of the holder is very nice--a great addition to any handbag or backpack!

by noah 07 Dec 2018

nice job****

by Sewmum1 07 Dec 2018

Fantastic work both of you. Great for your bus trip gifts

by sebsews 07 Dec 2018

Very nice! I see the difference. I hope to make the holders for Christmas gifts. Great job to you and Kim! Suzanna

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toogie by toogie 07 Dec 2018

I'm glad you saw the differences. I can now flip the lid and it doesn't slip in the holder. I love it!

by graceandham 07 Dec 2018

You been doing lots of Santa stitching? This turned out great!

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toogie by toogie edited 07 Dec 2018

No Betsey, no Santa stitching this year. I'm under the weather, so to speak. Wanted to finish my deer quilt but haven't been able to work on it.
This design of Kim's has turned out great and I've been wanting one.