by lexusblu 8d ago

Looking for help pls, I purchased a magic box but there is no cd with software the lady also does not have the CD. I did get an OESD cd but does not look as if there is any software on there. I am working on an old XP version computer. where can I get software and how do I go about getting the magic box to work..... It is supposed to be magic but really caused so much confusion~!


by awesome1 6d ago

OH WOW! I had a hair-pulling time getting my MB installed in my old XP. There was the issue of D/Ling the v4 program from OESD (which is no longer available), but I was finally successful and installed on 2 of my laptops as well. I might be able to help, if you'd like to contact me. However, mine is the MINI MB PLUS--which is the one that will save designs to your hard drive...the regular MB won't do that. Happy to help, if I can.

by girlfriday 8d ago

Did a small embroidery card come with it? You need one with it to put your designs onto for conversion. Contact Amazing Designs, they are the ones the make these boxes, they should be able to help you.