by lexusblu 04 Dec 2018

Looking for help pls, I purchased a magic box but there is no cd with software the lady also does not have the CD. I did get an OESD cd but does not look as if there is any software on there. I am working on an old XP version computer. where can I get software and how do I go about getting the magic box to work..... It is supposed to be magic but really caused so much confusion~!


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by awesome1 edited 06 Jan 2019

no, there is not activation key needed, unlike other emb boxes., but I had to search for drivers. Is the M box a 2 slot or a 4-slot? I can share my 2-slot mini software with you..I have it loaded on 2 XP laptops and on my 7Ultimate. Since OESD discontinued the box and support for it, there's going to be a problem getting yours up and running. I don't even use mine as I use PEDesign, and happy to help you.
BTW, I offered help earlier but had no response/request. I wonder if she has been back to her posr.

by pennyhal2 05 Jan 2019

I think your problem is that you need an "activation key" for the Magic Box. Also, the Magic Box has been discontinued and so has support for it. So, it may be possible that you won't be able to use it without the activation key. I could not load it onto my Win7 and had to go to a different box system...The Ultimate Box.

This link may give you more into

by airyfairy 03 Jan 2019

I had a Magic Box some years ago. I cannot remember having a CD with it. If I remember correctly it only worked on a card system. There were 4 different slots to go with different machine makes. I do remember it was a real mission to download designs. I eventually sold it for more that I paid for it. I do not even know if the Magic Box is compatible with the more up to date Windows 7 or 10. Mine also used to work from XP. I hope you manage to sort it out.

by awesome1 06 Dec 2018

OH WOW! I had a hair-pulling time getting my MB installed in my old XP. There was the issue of D/Ling the v4 program from OESD (which is no longer available), but I was finally successful and installed on 2 of my laptops as well. I might be able to help, if you'd like to contact me. However, mine is the MINI MB PLUS--which is the one that will save designs to your hard drive...the regular MB won't do that. Happy to help, if I can.

by girlfriday 04 Dec 2018

Did a small embroidery card come with it? You need one with it to put your designs onto for conversion. Contact Amazing Designs, they are the ones the make these boxes, they should be able to help you.