by antjemaus22 28 Nov 2018

A little something for my daughter. She has got two rescue dogs Jake and Piglet. The black one has only got three legs but they are both very friendly and sweet to her. The paw was a freebie from Designs by Sick.


by pennifold 29 Nov 2018

Just gorgeous, love the picture of the dogs in the paw. Love Chris

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antjemaus22 by antjemaus22 29 Nov 2018

My daughter can not live without Staffies. They are so friendly. Can not understand people who say that they are dangerous. These two have been in a rescue place for
two years!!!

by sewinhuggs 29 Nov 2018

I am glad you like my design that I had uploaded to sick a long time ago. I created it because i have a spoil rescue lab mix. Happy stitching.

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antjemaus22 by antjemaus22 29 Nov 2018

When I saw the paw I knew straight away what to do with it.
Nicely done and thanks.

by momac 29 Nov 2018

Lovely to see how this frame turned out thank you to design by sick for giving it to us and just love the dogs. Nice idea for my friends who have dogs for their birthdays.

by blueeyedblonde 29 Nov 2018

Great job!

by greytgirl 28 Nov 2018

What a beautiful ornament for your daughter! I have a special place in my heart for Staffies. I had a precious Staffie, named Chloe. Found her in our yard when she was between 4-5 weeks old. We shared our home and heart with her for 8 years, and had to let her go over the Rainbow Bridge, because she was full of cancer. Miss her so much!

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antjemaus22 by antjemaus22 29 Nov 2018

The staffie before these two bit her hand badly when she tried to remove a bone in his throat and she still loved him afterwards for two years.

by lbrow 28 Nov 2018

Nice work!

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antjemaus22 by antjemaus22 29 Nov 2018

Thank you

by pennyhal2 28 Nov 2018

What a great project to include your staffies! They are such great dogs. Love the name "Piglet." I might name my next corgi that!

by sonjapotgieter 28 Nov 2018

Beautiful!!!Clever idea!!

by dailylaundry 28 Nov 2018

So very nice!!

by noah 28 Nov 2018

Totally Awesome!!!!!

by dragonflyer 28 Nov 2018

She will love this....great job.

by asterixsew Moderator 28 Nov 2018

Lovely and a great idea

by jrob Moderator 28 Nov 2018

How clever to put their photo inside the paw.

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antjemaus22 by antjemaus22 28 Nov 2018

Luckily I got the software to resize the original photo.

by airyfairy 28 Nov 2018

The paw salutes your daughter for adopting not just one but two dogs.
Rescue dogs (pugs and pekes) are very much part of my life.
You have done a wonderful job embroidering the paw.

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antjemaus22 by antjemaus22 28 Nov 2018

Thank you Sarah. My daughters dogs are staffies.