by basketkase 15d ago

Saw these and just had to buy the artwork.....this is Easy Santa, Easy Ms Claus and Easy Dog........they will all be up on my website going to show them to my motorcycle clubs and see if they are interested....I love the tats on them!


by pennifold 12d ago

Sorry I missed this one! I think Boomer would like the biker one! Love the expression on the dog's face too. Well done Vicki, love Chris

by pennyhal2 14d ago

Oh my gosh! The details on that bike are amazing! The expression on the dog with reindeer antlers made me laugh! Nicely done!

by sonjapotgieter 14d ago

Gorgeous designs!!!!

by dreamssewn 14d ago

As a Biker - I LOVE THEM!

by noah 14d ago

Oh My what will u think of next lol

by SuzDW 14d ago

Love them! Your biker design would sell like hotcakes in Fayetteville (AR) during our autumn Bikes, Blues & Barbecues fest! And I have actually seen a biker you must have used for the model...
I can't wait for them to go up for sale on the website. I need the dog for friends whose furbabies look like his litter mates! I really enjoy all your work. BoomOwl and PugThug are two of my all-time favorites. Thanks!!

basketkase by basketkase 14d ago

Thank you and welcome to Cute!

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 14d ago

Welcome to Cuties!