by basketkase 27 Nov 2018

Well, here is the illusive Parfait......Jim took this with his cell phone and the hue is off, but it shows how much she looks like her older sisters......she is colored like Jif, more of the browns, whereas Skip is black and gray and Cassi is silver and gray........Parfait ate 2 cans of food yesterday. One can during the day and the other after we went to bed......Yea!! She still spends most her time in this little bin, but that's OK, we want her to have a safe spot......


by sewtired 27 Nov 2018

She's a very pretty girl. Is there a momma cat out there making more kitties or have you taken care of that? Good not to see a fight or flight aspect to her demeanor at this point. I'm confident she'll come around before too long. How could she resist you? Jim must be a great "cat" person too. By the way, I love her name! Thanks for keeping us updated.

basketkase by basketkase 27 Nov 2018

Yes, momma was kicking out litters left and right...the other litters we were able to catch while they were only about 6 wks old, so we were able to re-home them...we finally caught momma and had her fixed and she resides in the heated house we created for all the ferals, we have 3 houses outside for them and 2 feeding stations...

sewtired by sewtired 28 Nov 2018

Wow Vicki, that sounds like a full time job! How many ferals do you currently have? Are they all fixed? You are truly a kitty saint. We've seen no feral cats here and most of the dog owners keep tabs on their dogs. We mainly have lots of crazy squirrels, possums, and raccoons to deal with.

by cfidl 27 Nov 2018

As I recall you were quite patient with the first 3. That worked out very well and they all are happy kitties.

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basketkase by basketkase 27 Nov 2018

You are so right, Christine......

by sdrise 27 Nov 2018

She is gorgeous Vikki! She looks like the other siblings too. . You can still see a little her in her eyes but not frantic. You are making great progress with her. Keep up the wonderful work! The bin is her safe place right now. That is good se has a safe place.

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basketkase by basketkase 27 Nov 2018

Yes, I know the safe places they find are so critical to their are so right, you can see the leeriness in her eyes......

by kustomkuddle 27 Nov 2018

She is beautiful Vicki! She doesn't appear to be as skittish as she was since she let Jim get this close to her. You are winning her over!

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basketkase by basketkase 27 Nov 2018

Off & on, it depends upon what is running in the house....she seems to be getting used to the sound of the furnace coming on......can't wait to handle her (she got 3 flea treatments before we brought her in) to check her over for ear mites, worms, stuff like that......