by basketkase 25 Nov 2018

Had a few minutes to stitch some things I will use as presents......the Merry Lit CMas will be stitched on a shirt for my grand niece, the Vit C will get stitched on a tshirt for my friend who spends almost every Christmas in Florida and the Regret Nothing will go on a book tote for a friend who goes to a book club and they drink wine (which is probably why they started the book club, for the wine... LOL!)........these will all be up on my website tonight........


by pennyhal2 25 Nov 2018

That little girl is so very cute! And, of course, every palm tree has a pina colada ready made for the drinking! If I knew of a book club that has wine, maybe I'd go too! One of the great things about ME is that you can create designs specifially for one individual. They are going to love their gifts!

by sonjapotgieter 25 Nov 2018

Beautiful designs!!!Great work!!!Beautiful!!!