by crafter2243 22 Nov 2018

The idea was inspired by Nancy from "Embroidery It" with her snowman. The snowflake and red bulb (left upper corner) are from Veronika's Amazing. The rest I do not know. They are from times I did not make note of the company.


by sewmom 25 Nov 2018

They look great! Burlap is so easy to embroider on : )

by lbrow 25 Nov 2018

Love them Angie. I've been wondering what to do with a scrap of green burlap, now I know, I have a lesson from you. Thanks!

by airyfairy 25 Nov 2018

Love your cards, especially the fringed edges

by basketkase 25 Nov 2018

Fabulous! Really makes a statement...

by sonjapotgieter 23 Nov 2018

So Stunning!!!Awesome designs

by antjemaus22 23 Nov 2018

A very nice idea and well done! I suppose you spray glued them on.
Will have to try!!
My stitch outs I always stick into a “window” and then I still have to cover up the inside either with the same card stock or if the card is colored a paper sleeve has to be fitted so that one can wright on it.

antjemaus22 by antjemaus22 23 Nov 2018

Sorry, with window I meant an aperture!! I couldn't think how to spell it till now!!

crafter2243 by crafter2243 23 Nov 2018

I used ordinary white glue. Since the theme is stitched out on Burlap and tearaway stabilizer only and then glued to the card. No backing necessary.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 23 Nov 2018

Thanks for the extra info!

by carolpountney 23 Nov 2018

Love all of them

by pennifold 22 Nov 2018

Great work Angie, they all look great. Love Chris

by noah 22 Nov 2018

Love them every last one lol hugs

by dragonflyer 22 Nov 2018

Brings a whole new meaning to burlap!

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 22 Nov 2018

It was so easy, since the card stock never had to be hooped.

by jrob Moderator 22 Nov 2018

How wonderful! I love these Christmas Cards.

by sebsews 22 Nov 2018

OH so cute!