by gerryb 12 Nov 2018

This is actually not done by me, but by my grandmother & aunt, probably about 45+ yrs. ago as grandma died about 46 yrs ago! And she had "harding of the arteries" (which today would probably be called something else) and had been yrs since she had sewn anything Having it quilted, but I wanted to show their stitches. They were all pieced by hand and look at them! All the same size!! After quilted, we wont's be able to see all those perfect stitches, but I know they are there!


by jrob Moderator 14 Nov 2018

I would be sure to give in my instructions to the quilter that I prefer as few of the quilting stitches go over the hand stitching as possible. It can be quilted diagonally over the squares which will hold the "quilt sandwich" together without ruining the hand work.

by kustomkuddle 13 Nov 2018

Such lovely work. And what a treasure. I have been gifted several quilts that were made by my Grandmother and her lady friends. I can remember the quilt rack set up in her living room with the ladies around it hand quilting while we played underneath it. Seeing this quilt brings back wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing.

by crazypatchmama 13 Nov 2018

This is what is so lovely about old quilts, you could
almost feel the love with every stitch they.

by dragonflyer 13 Nov 2018

What a wonderful piece of art you have been gifted by them...I'm with Betsey and must have a label and include all of the historical documentation you have...fantastic!

by sewdeb 13 Nov 2018

Fabulous family heirloom! Those stitches are amazing! I agree with Betsey, make sure you make a record of names, dates, and location. And, as Toogie suggested, having it hand quilted, if possible, would be in keeping with the age of the quilt. Thanks for sharing the picture with us. Hugs*, Deb

by sebsews 13 Nov 2018

That's what it's all about, family! Wonderful quilting.

by pennifold 13 Nov 2018

Fantastic work and I agree with Betsey, make sure this quilt is signed etc. Love Chris

by asterixsew Moderator 13 Nov 2018

This is great and I love the family history about it. One of my childhood mem memories is of my mother sitting in the back garden creating patchwork/paper piecing. I have a quilt she made as does my brother. I also have a bag of unfinished work and seeing this I see I need to finish it

by graceandham 12 Nov 2018

A lovely family piece. Be sure to include their names and an approximate date and city, county, state on the label for future family members.

by toogie 12 Nov 2018

Great hand work! Will you quilt it or send it to be long arm quilted? You should hand quilt it too, if possible.