by maleah 12 Nov 2018

Thank you to all the wonderful Cuties that gave me the best information on fixing my Topaz 30. I guess will all the "drama" that has been going on the past year, I forgot to upgrade my machine... That sure taught me a lesson.. Thanks again. I appreciate all of you.


by asterixsew Moderator 13 Nov 2018

This is one of the parts of Cute that I really value - the advice and help that is always so readily available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Now your fixed happy sewing again

by cfidl 13 Nov 2018

Cuties are GREAT! Ms V is the best for giving us this place to converse. Thank you Ms. V.!

by pennifold 12 Nov 2018

Hi Cori, I thought it would be an upgrade issue. As I said in my response to your previous post that was my problem too. Love Chris