by maleah 09 Nov 2018

I have a Husqvarna Viking Topaz 30 and no matter how many times I change/re -design again and again, I can't get the design from the USB to be recognized on the machine. I have check that the USB is fine. I even tried another USB to no avail. The machine keeps telling me to get the correct hoop size. I have done this numerous times. I would appreciate the help. I am trying to put an Army CIB on a quilt for my hubby.


by girlfriday 11 Nov 2018

Make sure you are not trying to open a zip file because the machines don't do that. Also make sure that your USB has a small memory, like 2 GB. Take the design into your software and save it to a size hoop that you are using. If it doesn't want to do that, you may not be able to use it - these machnes do not have a large
memory and they will not sew outside the designated hoop. HTH.

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girlfriday by girlfriday 11 Nov 2018

The Husqvarna files have to be 8 digits.

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by lidiad edited 11 Nov 2018

I have a Topaz 30 and sometimes the machine doesn't recognize the file I want to embroider. It's due to the filename being too long or containing one or more underscores or other signs. It's always better to keep the filename simple and short.
My machine came with a 1G memory stick which I use regularly, but it can recognize my embroidery files on large capacity sticks such a 64G as well. I don't use large capacity sticks (containing my embroidery files ready to be stitched out) to avoid my machine having to search too many files to find the stitches to be used, as this operation slows down the machine and may create problems.
If your machine tells you to insert the correct hoop and you are sure that it is the correct one to be used, check the design in your software, it could be that the design isn't placed in the centre or inside the available space of your hoop.
Hugs, Lidia

by bemara 11 Nov 2018

If you have a new USB Embroidering, older machines like no big Stiks, so no more than 8 GB, if you 16 GB or even 64 Gb has he cannot read the embroidering, is maybe help

by katydid 11 Nov 2018

By all means call your dealer. It may be something simple.

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katydid by katydid 11 Nov 2018

Do not have any hoop attached to machine while sending the design to the machine. They told us this in Bernina.

by dec716 10 Nov 2018

It may seem simple, but try turning machine off and then back on with usb still plugged in. can't hurt.

by mops Moderator 10 Nov 2018

At the link below you can find machine updates (see if you have the latest one), the manual, a trouble shooting guide, etc.
Page 67 of the manual has a reference to the correct hoop, see picture. You can see if you have the right hoop in your hoop list (My hoops).
Hope you find the solution.

by pennifold 09 Nov 2018

I would make sure that the hoop size you have selected is indeed on your hoop selection list. I just recently tried to do a design in the new magnetic hoop and of course it wasn't on my machine. So I had to have an upgrade done at Thorpe's (my sewing machine shop where I bought it from). Maarten upgraded the software and I now have it added to hoops on my machine. Good luck Cori, I hope you get it sorted out soon, love Chris

mops by mops 10 Nov 2018

Chris, you can do those machine upgrades yourself easily.
You have the latest but when needed you can always find machine updates here

pennifold by pennifold 10 Nov 2018

Thanks so much Martine. I couldn't believe there were 2 upgrades even though I bought the machine in August! I still need to learn a few things about this machine. Love Chris

by rescuer Moderator 09 Nov 2018

What I found online (I don't own a Viking)

"Your embroidery unit needs to be re-calibrated. Check your user manual to determine if that's something you can do. Otherwise, you'll need to have an authorized Husqvarna Viking dealer do the calibration and make sure the hoop sensor is working via the service menu."

by crafter2243 Moderator 09 Nov 2018

Could it be that the design is too big?