by stork 07 Nov 2018

This morning our local quilt guild toured the facility of habanddash by Fil-Tec. Just let me say it was a great tour!! They showed us the dying room where the threads are dyed. In the stock room, wow, the colors!!!! They carry more than just threads, who knew?! I got my eyes filled with gorgeous colors to wet my appetite for more designs! Check your local quilt store to see if they carry the would be Glide thread.


by killiecrankie 07 Nov 2018

I bought a few reels of Glide thread a few years ago, which were going out cheap at a craft show because of their lovely colours

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stork by stork 08 Nov 2018

Have you used them? Their colors were very impressive

by pennyhal2 07 Nov 2018

Gosh, I've never heard of the Glide thread brand before. Does it have a different brand name? I always get seduced by the color of threads and end up buying more than I need.

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stork by stork 07 Nov 2018

The thread is by Fil-Tec and does have different names depending on type of thread. The poly threads are Glide and they have others. Great for embroidery and also for longarms!
Gorgeous colors.....made us drool! lol