by tilde01 05 Nov 2018

Just wondering when the entire Attractive Font is going to be made available for purchase or membership download. It has been 12 days since any design was posted and before that it was another 12 days. What is going on?


by LindaKoorzen 07 Nov 2018

Since the 24th of Aug 2018 with my new membership not much has been going on. Hardley any new designs.

by graceandham 06 Nov 2018

I thought when she posted the first ones, that these designs are very complex, with lots of colors and directions of stitches, and that she might not just turn these out quickly, but singly. Just my two cents worth. And very worth the wait - beautiful.

by rescuer Moderator 06 Nov 2018

The designs here are always tested after they are manually created from artwork legally acquired. Some times the designs take longer than other times to digitize. Please note there are many times multiple designs are added in one day.

tilde01 by tilde01 06 Nov 2018

So why start a alpha/font if you can't put up all the letters in a reasonable time? Sorry, I don't understand. I honestly think Miss V is being overwhelmed with her 5 sites.

rescuer by rescuer 06 Nov 2018

I suppose she does it because people get impatient and want new designs daily. When she sees enough interest in a alpha/font I've noticed the remainder of the font is quickly finished and more than 10 designs are added a day.
It may also be that she has a lot to do to upgrade all of her websites to be compliant with the newest internet security requirements.
In any case, patience seems to be the best answer.

asterixsew by asterixsew 06 Nov 2018

Sometimes life gets in the way for all of us like family emergencies, holidays and so on.