by michemb 03 Nov 2018

Well I need your help cuties, my husqvarna Ruby is driving me crazy and I need to replace it with a good reliable sewing machine. I don't need an embroidery machine as my happy machine is terrific. I want computerized but not too expensive. Give me your preferences please.



by dragonflyer 05 Nov 2018

Lots of advice...I am a Baby Lock girl, but would suggest you get a machine from a dealer that is close to you and can provide you with excellent service and repairs if needed...Baby Lock has several very moderately priced and very good sewing machines...lots to choose from and in lots of price ranges...Don't forget to give whatever you decide a good test drive...Take your own fabric samples and threads of various thickness and size with you so you can really understand how well it will handle different fabrics, threads (especially metallic and poly mono-filament.

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michemb by michemb 05 Nov 2018


by michemb 05 Nov 2018

thank you ladies, I will take all this into consideration before making my decision,
Hugs and hae a great day

by airyfairy 04 Nov 2018

I am a Bernina girl. Sewing machine and embroidery machine.

by sdrise 04 Nov 2018

I am a babylock girl all the way! My machines have been great. User friendly and work horses. Remember you get what you pay for too. I sa try them out at the stores and see which one you feel comfortable with. Good luck on your search!

by sebsews 04 Nov 2018

My SE is on it's last leg too. I will replace it after the holidays with a sewing only machine. I just got email from a Viking Sewing Center, Ruby is half price. Let us know what you get.

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michemb by michemb 04 Nov 2018

I have had two Rugbys and had big problems with both, no way I will ever buy viking again, burned too many times. Bad service and unrelaible machines.

by bemara 04 Nov 2018

Hi Michelle, I hold nothing of the machine combination, because she is able to do only one well, i have a Brother V3 (embroidery) and a Pfaff Quilt expressin 4.2. The Pfaff has a original IDT-SYSTEM, Absolutely steady material transport from above and below. I have worked a few years in sewing machines repair workshop. . . . hugs Maria

by robertahilde 04 Nov 2018

I am a Brother fan!
Own 2 Brother, one sewing only, one embroidery-sewing comb., also a Janome embroidery-sewing comb. and a Pfaff embroidery-sewing com..
Happy will all of them, personally I will stay away from Singer because a very bad experience.
Hugs, Roberta

by killiecrankie 03 Nov 2018

Be careful when buying the machine, because the cheaper ones are light weight made with plastic parts which wear out quickly. Christmas & New year sales ,will be starting soon & you might find a good machine on sale.

by babash 03 Nov 2018

I am a Janome person and I am using a machine DC2050. It is computerized has auto buttonhole and can be used without the foot pedal if need be. Even saw it for sale at Costco around the $300 to $400 mark.

by theduchess 03 Nov 2018

Brother has some very good sewing only machines. $500 US or even less if you get floor model and you'll still get full warranty. Does everything, comes with several feet, even a buttonhole attachment. Frees up the embroidery machine.I checked Bernina but it's way over priced and Brother has a drop in bobbin, (I have arthritis) and a GREAT 1 touch self threader! Can't beat it.

by crafter2243 Moderator 03 Nov 2018

I am interested in the answers as well. Unfortunately I am no help, since my machines are embroidery combinations

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michemb by michemb 03 Nov 2018

thanks anyway