by carolpountney 10d ago

Stocking fillers these are from Kreative Kiwi. Quick and easy


by judith1947 6d ago

Where can you get these to make?

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maryp1 by maryp1 edited 5d ago

They are from Kreative Kiwi. If you join her group this pattern is a freebie.

by sewdeb 7d ago

They're adorable!

by lucy12345 8d ago

Very cute

by blueeyedblonde 9d ago

They are so cute!

by vickiannette 9d ago

beautiful little toys.

by toogie edited 10d ago

Very cute!!! Love the embroidery behind them holding the rolls.

by crafter2243 Moderator 10d ago

So adorable. Perfect for stockings stuffers

by shirley124 10d ago

So cute. Hugs

by sonjapotgieter 10d ago

They sooo cute!!!Just love them

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carolpountney by carolpountney 10d ago

Thanks they put a smile on my dial

by pennifold 10d ago

Cute little critters! Well done Carol, love Chris

carolpountney by carolpountney 10d ago

Thanks Chris my grandchildren are getting too old now for teddies but I still do them for stocking fillers can't help myself

toogie by toogie 10d ago

My monkeys were a hit last year even the ones 'too old'-lol

by pennyhal2 10d ago

They sure are cute! I like how you personalized them with an initial.

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carolpountney by carolpountney 10d ago

Thanks I often wonder about initials I do not like names on anything so am always wary about putting them on anything

by greytgirl 10d ago

Adorable! I am going to make my bear from Kreative Kiwi this weekend.

carolpountney by carolpountney 10d ago

Yes very easy and quick I find the stuffing of them a bit sore with arthritis in my hands but fun nevertheless

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 10d ago

I use a fat chopstick to push the stuffing in. A little easier on the hands.

carolpountney by carolpountney 10d ago

I have a special stuffing tool but still sore on the hands it is shaped like an awl with a T piece like handle very handy

by noah 10d ago

Love them i have never made a stuffie ****lol

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carolpountney by carolpountney 10d ago

They are great fun. if you use a fabric with a bit of a stretch and have the stretch going around the body it turns very easy I had the stretch going long way for the yellow so he looks a bit slimmer than the blue one the brown one was made from suede no stretch harder to turn