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by basketkase ( edited 14d ago ) 14d ago

How's this for peaceful? This is Satie Sue and she sure knows how to relax......I want to just scoop her up and cuddle her!! She is 22 1/2 and has earned the right to rest.....


by 02kar Moderator 13d ago

She is beautiful and has aged well. She may be resting but she is just glowing with love.

by kustomkuddle 13d ago

Oh to be so relaxed! She definitely looks like a cuddle is in order. Our fur babies are so funny. My little Rat Terrier lays on the chair with her head hanging over the edge. I don't think it can be comfortable, but she seems to like it.

by zoefzoef 13d ago

Great picture! Feels like you want to say, hey move a little bit so I can join...

by sdrise 13d ago

AH TO be that relaxed... Wish I knew their secret to looking so comfortable. She looks fantastic for her age. GREAT care from mom...

by pennifold 13d ago

Well Vicki, you would never know that she is over 22, she looks much longer than that. Love Chris

by graceandham 14d ago

My mother had senior cat siblings that lived to 16 and 17. Great picture.

by crafter2243 Moderator 14d ago

And I thought the cat I had, that reached the age of 18, was old. You must have a special loving touch.

by bemara 14d ago

she looks very much relaxed what you make your cats in such a way become old, I would have with pleasure your secret recipe, hugs Maria =^..^=