by spendlove 30 Oct 2018

This small quilt was made from stretch fabrics given to me by a friend. I made the central section entirely in the hoop and then made the borders in strips to sew on. I use voile as a base fabric to build up the blocks and stretch toweling inside (both also given by the friend).

The quilt is backed with lightweight fleece and then tied with embroidery floss.


by lbrow 02 Nov 2018

Love this Sue!

by pennyhal2 31 Oct 2018

I always admire how you make fabulous things out of fabrics i'd never consider usable! Well done!!

by dragonflyer 31 Oct 2018

Lovely soft colors...nice job.

by pennifold 31 Oct 2018

Another wonderful article. You are just so clever, love Chris

by stock 31 Oct 2018

for the quilted items I make,books, houses etc. I am using all odd fabric in the hoop,( not with any stretch), and fleecy for wadding,...wendy

by babash 31 Oct 2018

Looks just perfect. I love seeing things made out of whatever is on hand or something that is gifted.
So many people think you can only do items if you have all the proper things. Like a Quilt has to be expensive quilters cotton. Well you have proved it isn't so.
Thanks for showing us. I know a lot of people have to watch their pennies so this may just encourage some to do something with what they have or see going out cheap.

by SUEF 30 Oct 2018

lovely colors and stitchery...beautiful!

by noah 30 Oct 2018

Oh my u crossed every t and dotted all your i's (My Dads Saying)For EXCELLENT*******A++++++

by dailylaundry 30 Oct 2018

Lovely work!!!

by sonjapotgieter 30 Oct 2018

Awesome quilt!!!Great project done!!!Beautiful

by blueeyedblonde 30 Oct 2018

Beautiful job!