by basketkase 25 Oct 2018

Please excuse the terrible pic....this is the first selfie I have taken and if you could have seen the face I was making to get this shot, you would have been rolling on the floor.......anyway, stitched this on an old stained tshirt that I wear to clean house, wanted to make it look like it was coming out of the pocket.......I call it "Eyevy" and it will be up on my website tonight.....


by noah 27 Oct 2018

Very interesting for sure***hugs

by carolpountney 27 Oct 2018

Very nice

by cfidl 26 Oct 2018

I love this piece! Wonderful!

by pennifold 25 Oct 2018

Love the play on words! Love Chris

by airyfairy 25 Oct 2018

Nothing like a save and this is great

by sonjapotgieter 25 Oct 2018

Gorgeous design..Great idea and work!!!