by asterixsew Moderator 21 Oct 2018

Where I live in the UK free plastic bags were removed from supermarkets over seven years ago. The result was that the use of them dropped drastically. Now many towns are trying to become plastic free. Earlier this year town introduced 'borrow bags' where should one have forgotten a bag and need one shops will loan one which you then return. The picture below shows some of these bags that a group I belong to made for the scheme. Old tee shirts are recycled and with sleeves removed and the bottom sewn together or some prefer to cut the bottom edge and tie the small piece of fabric together. The bag second to the right of the photo is made from a large roll of fabric donated to us to make the bags. Plastic bags are still available but at a cost and most of us have a great selection of fabric bags that we have made or bought


by lbrow 25 Oct 2018

Love this idea.

by stork 25 Oct 2018

Our 4-H sewing group started making the t-shirt bags last year. We donated them to the local food bank and they love them! They are given to their elderly clients and have proven to be so much stronger for them than the plastic bags....Plus they are washable and reusable!!! This is a great idea.

by noah 23 Oct 2018

excellent job ***maybe Canada will check up one day lol

by pennyhal2 23 Oct 2018

Great idea! I'm sure it'd work well in smaller towns, but it's a good start on reducing plastic bags.

by mrskiki 22 Oct 2018

Great idea, but I don't think it would fly her in the US. Hugs. Nan W

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asterixsew by asterixsew 22 Oct 2018

It probably wont work in a large city here either but anything is much better than a plastic bag and that you had to pay for it

by spendlove Moderator 22 Oct 2018

What a good idea!

by crafter2243 Moderator 21 Oct 2018

That is a different concept. I still forget my bags that are nicely waiting for me in my trunk after shopping. Takes a while to get used to. If I do forget
I just put the groceries back in the cart and drive them to my car. I am afraid I would forget to return the "borrowed" bag.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 22 Oct 2018

Bags made from old tee shirts are very stretchy and suitable for small items not mega shops

by dragonflyer 21 Oct 2018

Love the concept of "borrow bags"...wish we had that here!