by killiecrankie 16 Oct 2018

Photo of husbands Soft Caned Dendrobium Orchid.

It was hanging in the shade house but it started to rain so it was moved up ,to hang under the pergola.It has rained nearly every day this month, for a total about 200mm .If it stayed down there the flowers would have been ruined.


by babash 18 Oct 2018

So pleased you were able to move it and keep the weather from it. The flowers are just beautiful.

I have a Begonia the throws out an arm and has little flowers all down it. I call it my poor mans Orchid. Well I had to cut the stems off of it as the rain was bending it over even though it is under shade cloth. So I now have them and snap dragons in a vase on the table in the kitchen. I hate to cut the flowers as I like to walk outside and see colour but it was that or lose them to the water.

by lilylady 17 Oct 2018

The prettiest one I ever seen! Beautiful

by toogie 17 Oct 2018

GORGEOUS! I love flowers and these look perfect. Great work and lucky you to be able to enjoy such beauty.

by crafter2243 Moderator 17 Oct 2018

The green thumb of your husband produced a wonderful display of colors. Just beautiful

by graceandham 17 Oct 2018

Very beautiful. Thanks for showing us.

by dragonflyer 17 Oct 2018

Beautiful...they look very similar to Cattleya Orchids..Love the color!

by jenne 17 Oct 2018

Oh! my they are lovely.

by mrskiki 17 Oct 2018

Oh my goodness they are beautiful! I just love orchids but have a black thumb. I tell people that plants come to my house to die. Congrats to your husband. Hugs. Nan W

by jrob Moderator 17 Oct 2018

Such beauty!

by sewdeb 17 Oct 2018

Oh, my this is absolutely stunning! Your Husband must have a super green thumb!

by sebsews 17 Oct 2018

So pretty and dainty.

by gerryvb 17 Oct 2018

wow, these are beautiful !!!

by pennifold 17 Oct 2018

Great Orchid Judy, congratulate your husband on such a beauty. He obviously has a green thumb. Love Chris

by momac 17 Oct 2018

Wow! really lovely. Hugs Maureen

by airyfairy 17 Oct 2018

Absolutely stunning

by shirley124 16 Oct 2018