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by lbrow ( edited 14 Oct 2018 ) 12 Oct 2018

Bad wreck, broken clavicle, think car totaled, but not sure yet, I was driving and unconscious when taken to hosp. Home now but NEED YOUR PRAYERS, please. UPDATE. Will try to bring you up to date. First. Thank you , thank you for your prayers. I really need them. Collar bone (left)is split and a piece of bones broken off and floating in there. Blow to back of head and gash that had to be closed. Concussion, was out for some time I understand. The Headache I believe is worse of all, feels as though my brain is swollen(that is if a brain is in there) sometimes I wonder. Still have excruciating headache and cannot wash all that blood out for a while. I am in an immobilizer, belated around my waist and sling around neck with a pillow at my waist to rest arm on and keep it from touching my body. Of course I am black,blue,purple and green all over. Blow to bad knee has it not wanting to work well. But I am still blessed I have you ,my children and a lot more friends praying for me. This is the most I have said since it all happened. Kids are at church. Gonna be quiet and just lie here in my recliner now. Unable to lay down kn bed. Not sure about my grammer is right there, As my darling GP told me."I'm a tough old bzzard" I love yu all and still PTL.


by shozo1271 18 Nov 2018

OH MY Goodness, Ms Lillian... Thoughts, Prayers and a Virtual Hug sending your way. Heal quickly, my dear. xoxoxo

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lbrow by lbrow 18 Nov 2018

Thank you. Getting better. Dr. says healing. The immobilizers come off in 2 more days. Go back for more xrays on 5th. After that Physical Therapy will begin to help me gain use again. God is good to me. Will be glad when I have 2 arms and hands to do things again.

by kustomkuddle 16 Oct 2018

I am so sorry Ms. Lillian for what you are going through. Sending prayers and hugs. Praying you will find relief from your discomfort and heal quickly.

by sewdoctor 16 Oct 2018

Prayers being said.....hope you are feeling better soon.

by gerryvb 16 Oct 2018

only read this now, I'm so sorry for you, prayers are coming your way.....

by Zinobia 16 Oct 2018

Prayers for you to get well soon.

by sbott54 15 Oct 2018

I'll be praying for you, asking God to wrap his arms around you to comfort you. The Spirit is with you and many who love and appreciate you.

by toogie 15 Oct 2018

I am so sorry this has happened to you. You sure have been through a lot, it's a good thing you are 'a tough old buzzard!'. You know we all wish/pray for you to be healed and out of pain. I will have to tell Trudy. She will be saddened to hear this, but her and Rob, are faithful to pray, too. Love you lots!-Toogie

by pennifold 14 Oct 2018

Oh! my goodness, we've just come home after being away for the weekend and saw your post. I do pray that your clavicle will heal quickly. I am assuming you would be in some sort of sling, so I hope your shoulder blade is supported well. Please take it slowly Miss Lillian, I am so pleased your family live so close by to you. Love and best wishes for a complete healing. Love Chris

by noah 13 Oct 2018

Oh my so sorry will pray for speedy recovery big hugs xxoo

by gerryb 13 Oct 2018

Oh, Lillian! I am so sorry. Praying right now for you!

by parkermom 13 Oct 2018

Certainly will be praying for you, for both physical and emotional healing.

by sdrise 13 Oct 2018

OH no Prayers coming your way... Hope you heal quickly ... Take care....

by arlene 13 Oct 2018

Prayers for quick recovery

by lindaavolio 13 Oct 2018

Sending prayers and hugs ....

by mad14kt 13 Oct 2018

Ms. Lillian may the Lord give you a speedy recovery! May a MIRACLE HEALING take place in your bones joining back together in NOW TIME!!! Lord allow her not to be in pain. Be her DOCTOR/HEALER/COMFORTER/ And what she needs you to be. Let peace be with her and strength uplift her. I bind and send every depression spirit, negative spirit and anything that you have not ordained to the abyss to be arrested until judgement day. Allow her to rise with a testimony that only you can give!!! In Jesus Name I pray and I count in done in your matchless name!!! AMEN!!!

*** REST in PEACE Ms. Lillian!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

lindaavolio by lindaavolio 13 Oct 2018


pennifold by pennifold 14 Oct 2018

Well said Monika, healing prayers all round. Love Chris

by sandralochran 13 Oct 2018

You are in my prays

by laurasomi 13 Oct 2018

Oh Miss Lilian, i'm so sorry this happened to you, i hope you get feeling better soon, please take good care of yourself,

by hightechgrammy 13 Oct 2018

Lillian,I am so sorry to hear this. Please give yourself time to heal. I will be praying for you. Love and Hugs, Jan

by graceandham 13 Oct 2018

Oh, Lillian, I'm so sorry to read this. Praying for you now and nightly. Be still(!) and know...

by devon 13 Oct 2018

Sending you prayers and hugs!!!!

by lildoll2 13 Oct 2018

so sorry to hear your bad news, hope you heal fast, sending prayers your way ,, doris

by dailylaundry 13 Oct 2018

Oh, my Lillian - I just read this. How awful, but, am so happy it wasn't worse. Just breath in and out - try not to worry about anything except getting better. You have my prayers and many others from here - please, just concentrate on getting better. Hugs, Laura

by jofrog2000 13 Oct 2018

How frightening! My prayers are sent.

by maleah 13 Oct 2018

Prayers for a speedy recovery....

by dragonflyer 13 Oct 2018

Oh, sweet Miss Lillian...what sad news...I am so very sorry this has happened...I will hold good thoughts and prayers that you will make a complete and speedy recovery....

by jrob Moderator 13 Oct 2018

Oh, my sweet friend! I am so so sorry to hear this. You always have my prayers, but I'm amping up for this episode and your speedy healing.

by sebsews 13 Oct 2018

Oh no precious one! Prayers sent! Hugs, Suzanna

by basketkase 13 Oct 2018

My goodness Lillian, thank heavens you are home now, will pray for a quick recovery!!

by mops Moderator 13 Oct 2018

Oh Lilian, how dreadful. If it is not one thing it's another!! I hope and pray you will heal quickly. Hugs, Martine

by sewdeb 13 Oct 2018

Oh, Lillian, this is terrible news! You sure didn't need this! I will be praying extra hard for your complete recovery! Take care, dear lady! Hugs*, Deb

by airyfairy 13 Oct 2018

Lillian - that is just awful. I hope you fully recover very soon. Love and hugs Sarah

by abl789 13 Oct 2018

so sorry, praying for your coimfort and healing.

by crafter2243 Moderator 13 Oct 2018

Oh dear. That is horrible news.
Prayers for healing have and will be said. Hugs

by cfidl 12 Oct 2018

OMG! You did not need that. I pray you will recover completely. Sometimes you don't know the extent of soft muscle injuries.