by cfidl 11 Oct 2018

graceful embroidery is continuing with free designs after the anniverary sale. There is an alpha. After logging in look for your level on the tab bar. gold, platinum etc.


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by sewdeb edited 12 Oct 2018


by cfidl 12 Oct 2018

I hope this helps. After you log in -- you should see something like this. The word gold for me is the link to the members area. If you donot see this, I would suggest you contact Hazel. Her email is at the bottom of the home page

by markus 12 Oct 2018

Thank you

by sharonleekesner 12 Oct 2018

I am a subscriber but nothing works for me either.

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cfidl by cfidl 12 Oct 2018

What do you see on the tab bar after you login?

by hightechgrammy 12 Oct 2018

christine, I went to this site and registered. But now I can't find any tabs at all. I can't begin to find free designs. Help, are you sure this is the same place? Thanks, Jan

joann13100 by joann13100 12 Oct 2018

I'm having the same trouble. I wonder if you have to a subscriber to her site to get the free designs.

sewdeb by sewdeb edited 12 Oct 2018

You have to be a member of the site to get the freebies. Hazel will send you an email once you're part of the group. - she says this can take as long as 36 hours.
Once you're a member, log in to the site. On the top left side, (right past the little house/home icon) a tab with your membership level will appear (either standard, bronze, gold or platinum) click on that and you'll be sent to the freebie page. I hope this helps.

by gdsteliga 12 Oct 2018

Thank you

by sdrise 12 Oct 2018

Thank You!!

by marianb 12 Oct 2018

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