by sdrise 5d ago

10/11 Hi everyone Just heard from Karen (02Kar) in Florida.. She is fine and had no damage from super storm hurricane Michael . She lives not too far from where the eye of the storm hit. Karen has no internet to let you know she is OK. Still has her electricity but many people are without. Major damage in coastal cities and towns.



by pennifold 4d ago

Thanks for letting us know. We've been watching it with amazement down here in Australia. Hope all of our Cuties are safe from this hurricane. Love Chris

by dragonflyer 5d ago

What a relief...thank you for letting us know, Suzanne...tell her we are all thinking and praying for everyone affected...

by basketkase 5d ago

So thrilled to hear she is well....been concerned about our Florida cuties throughout this storm.....

by sewdeb 5d ago

Thanks for letting us know. I'm so glad she is safe.

by mad14kt 5d ago

Thank God!!!

by graceandham 5d ago

Good news.

by cfidl 5d ago

Thank you for letting us know. I am watching the weather channel now which is showing some of the damage done by this storm.

by dailylaundry 5d ago

Thank you Suzanne for letting us know - so happy Karen is safe. My brother and his family live in Tallahassee. He has roof leaks and no power - trees are down everywhere. I have seen pictures of so many power lines down. What a horrible storm!

by airyfairy 5d ago

Thank you Suzanne for letting us know.

by crafter2243 Moderator 5d ago

Thank you for letting us know. She was in my mind and I am glad she is save.