by momac 11 Oct 2018

Hi all you Cuties, please think of me later I'm going in to have a cataract op done on my left eye at 2.30 South African time today. Not too sure when I will be able to come onto the computer to wish all the Birthday folk if there are any in the next few days, so am Wishing them now. Hugs to all from Maureen


by cfidl 11 Oct 2018

Hope all is well with you and we will hear from you soon. I have a cataract which is now affecting my vision.

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by airyfairy edited 11 Oct 2018

I hope all went well. I have to tell you that most of my friends have had the same op

by crafter2243 Moderator 11 Oct 2018

I will be thinking of you. I have the same operation scheduled for Nov. 30th. So far I have heard nothing but good things about it.

by dragonflyer 11 Oct 2018

Wishing you a smooth operation and speedy recovery....

by Nicky602 11 Oct 2018

Hi Maureen,

Thinking of you...Look forward to hearing from you when you get back.

Lotsa Love

by sewdeb 11 Oct 2018

Maureen, I will definitely be thinking of you and I'm sure all will go well with your operation. You'll be back here in no time. Hugs, Deb

by xaviere 11 Oct 2018

un peu de souci !!!mais ne t'en fais pas intervention banale et rapide de nos jours

by graceandham 11 Oct 2018

Be well.

by pennifold 11 Oct 2018

You will be fine Maureen. I had both of my eyes done last year and I had no trouble at all. Good luck and I hope it all goes well. Love Chris

by babash 11 Oct 2018

Hope all goes as well for your operation as it did for my friend. She was seeing so much better by the next day and couldn't believe just how blind she had been.
Will be thinking of you in Australia.