by pennifold 09 Oct 2018

Gosh, as I write this it's 12.50pm Wednesday - my birthday and it's absolutely teaming outside. The rain is coming down straight and hard, but it's not cold. It's about 17C (62F). Al the birds are flying for cover and chirping their little heads off. It's grey and very overcast.

I was just saying to Carolyn (noah) I've got Roma Tomatoes with fresh Basil and Balsamic vinegar roasting in the oven and the smell is divine! I've also finished another shopping bag and want to do another one, as it's such a miserable day.
Trev said he'd take me out for dinner, but he's down on the Central Coast and won't be home till later this afternoon. All the kids have wished me a happy birthday and lots of friends as well as you guys.

I've added the picture of the tomatoes and the next bag. Love Chris


by gerryb 10 Oct 2018

Hope you had a wonderful day! Happy Birthday a day late!

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pennifold by pennifold 11 Oct 2018

Thanks Gerry, I had a great day. Love Chris

by pennifold 10 Oct 2018

I just popped into Amy's on my way out and about today and guess what - this bag has been snaffled up by her! I'm now making a red one! Love Chris

by dee 10 Oct 2018

Happy Birthday. We have had a lot of rain but finally stopped during the night. They say maybe snowflakes the end of the week. Nothing major but I'm ready for snow. My favorite time of year. Have plenty of groceries and books to read.

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pennifold by pennifold 10 Oct 2018

Oh! that will be nice and cosy snuggling up with a couple of good books and keeping warm. I hope that your coming winter won't be too cold for you. Thinking of you and your family at this time with your sister being so ill. Love Chris

by sewdeb 10 Oct 2018

I'm glad you birthday wasn't a complete washout. Love the new bag and the peek in your oven! Hugs*, Deb

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pennifold by pennifold 10 Oct 2018

Thanks Deb, I cannot remember ever having a birthday as wet as this one. It's overcast again today and threatening to rain, we shall wait and see! Love Chris

by mrskiki 10 Oct 2018

Hope you had a wonderful birthday. It has rained here as well (Texas) and we are thrilled as we were very dry. Today is a bit cooler, finally, and that too is very welcome. Hugs to you. Nan W

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pennifold by pennifold 10 Oct 2018

Thanks Nan, I've never had rain on my birthday. It's been absolutely torrential today, most unusual. I've had a great day though as I got to do things I wanted to do! Love Chris

by Barbaric 10 Oct 2018

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chris, It's my mum's 90th Birthday today also and dad's on the 31st Oct. We celebrated their birthday's and their 69th wedding Anniversary on Saturday with family and friends and had a family lunch with them today. Enjoy your day. love Barb

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pennifold by pennifold 10 Oct 2018

Wow, what a milestone, I hope we get to that wedding anniversary. I only got to go out for dinner with Ben our son and Trev. The girls had other commitments tonight, but I'll catch up with them later in the week. Love Chris

by cfidl 09 Oct 2018

Happy Birthday again. I think I need to roast some tomatoes. I only have dried basil from a past garden, and my tomatoes are not roma, but ooh that sounds so good I can almost smell them. Balsamic is the best. Thanks for sharing and making me get a craving!

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pennifold by pennifold 10 Oct 2018

Thanks Chris, I'll have to buy some more, they are all gone now and it's only 3.30! Love Chris

by dragonflyer 09 Oct 2018

I can smell the tomatoes and basil....add a bit of garlic and a bottle of bubbly and some crusty bread...I'm in heaven...sorry it rained on your birthday parade....but with what is in the oven and Trevor hopefully heading home...not a bad birthday! And another bag to boot...

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pennifold by pennifold 09 Oct 2018

You are right Kim, the smell is great. We'll have some bubbles tonight and maybe get a nice crusty bread stick whilst we are out. Unfortunately he came home much earlier than expected and when he saw them he started eating them and now there are only 2 pieces left!!!!!!!!!!! I had 2 pieces!! Oh! well, they were good whilst they lasted. Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 09 Oct 2018

I peeked in the oven. Yummy. I am sorry your Birthday is being rained on. Make it last longer and have Trevor take you out another day.

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pennifold by pennifold 09 Oct 2018

Thanks Angie, I don't mind the rain as I've told a few people I'm a Pluviophile! Look it up! Trev said he's still taking me out and he's home early as the people he was teaching got through their assignments much quicker than anticipated. It's only 2.00pm now and he's downstairs marking assessments - it's never ending! Love Chris