by noah 09 Oct 2018

Question???????Years ago didn't someone on cute give us a book cover like Sue Or ????Trying to remember and i can't find anything in my old files ***Can you please help my remember-er as i think it is wore out lol hugs Carolyn


by spendlove Moderator 10 Oct 2018

As Marian says, I do have one At Engineered in stitches, but by next week, I will have another one, done in a completely different way which will work for books of varying thicknesses. I just have to make a video to show how it is done.

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noah by noah 10 Oct 2018

oh good can i get one special delivery ??lol hugs

by marianb 10 Oct 2018

Carolyn have looked at Sue's Facebook page Engineered in Stitches she has made some to support her Hospice Charity.

noah by noah 10 Oct 2018

no i never looked there but i will thanks for the tip***

noah by noah 10 Oct 2018

what is it called on her site???

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by pennifold edited 09 Oct 2018

Hi Carolyn, Kim did one back in January this year for a class of hers. Love Chris

I think Martine (mops) has done one too.

noah by noah 09 Oct 2018

just went through all Mops design and i don't have it ???

shirley124 by shirley124 09 Oct 2018

I have a Notebook Cover Instructions by Mops. No design just notes.

pennifold by pennifold 09 Oct 2018

Maybe that's what Martine was referring to in her answer to Kim's notebook cover post back in January.

"They are lovely and are a perfect class project.
Here there seems to be no uniform standard for note books. The A5 and A6 slightly differ over the various brands: straight corners, rounded ones, thicker or thinner notebooks, a cover that is 2 mm wider than the pages or equal size. No 'one size fits all'. So I made patterns for every variety, used tear away stabiliser and wrote brand and thickness on it. And after embroidering finish them on my sewing machine."

mops by mops 10 Oct 2018

You are right, I did not make an ITH design but embroider and then finish on a sewing machine. There may be standard paper sizes, the covers vary a lot.
I have an order for 10 at the moment and do them as described above.