by basketkase 09 Oct 2018

These are inspired by my past show weekend.....we were so cold and wet!! They are Winter Fun 8-12 and will be up on my website tonight.....


by pennifold 09 Oct 2018

Gosh girl, do you ever sleep? These are terrific, we never get that cold here in Australia. I think the only time I've ever worn a parka (padded coat with a hood) was in the snow when I was in my 20's!!! I don't even own a coat. I did have a parka when in Canada and Alaska and it's packed away as we are in Springtime now and Summer starts on the 1st December. Love Chris

by noah 09 Oct 2018

Love them ALL took me awhile to get***what is on the deer's back???A candle???hehehe

by pennyhal2 09 Oct 2018

Oh my gosh! If cold and wet inspires you to create lovely designs, then something good came from it. I had to laugh at all that cold gear. Just wearing all that would be a feat in itself!

by sonjapotgieter 09 Oct 2018

Right designs for the weather!!!Beautiful..Great designs!!!

by airyfairy 09 Oct 2018

These are lovely Vicki. All seems so strange as we are now going into summer

by bemara 09 Oct 2018

there I call winter mood, fantastically, hugs Maria