by sewpam 08 Oct 2018

A table runner for mom's 85th birthday party which will be on Saturday. After her birthday, she can turn it over and use it all fall season. Look close to see the small embroidered pumpkins in the corners of the "happy" and "birthday" they can be seen on the back too.


by sewpam 16 Oct 2018

Mom did love the table runner. It was on the reception table as everyone came through the door it was perfect for a fall birthday celebration.

by toogie 15 Oct 2018

Oh how nice. I'm sure she was happy to get something you made especially for her. Love all the different colors.

by crafter2243 Moderator 15 Oct 2018

Well done Pam. Great to be able to use both sides. I am sure your Mom loved the gift.

by blueeyedblonde 15 Oct 2018

Nicely done!

by worthy 13 Oct 2018

Lovely, both sides.

by sandralochran 10 Oct 2018


by sewdeb 10 Oct 2018

What a fabulous way to commemorate you mum's birthday. She's going to love it! Wish her a happy birthday from me!

by sewpam 10 Oct 2018

Thank you everyone for the nice comments. I am sure my mom will like it very much. The small pumpkins were a free design then modified on the software.

by dailylaundry 09 Oct 2018

Oh, my this is so very lovely! Well done - The colors are just perfect!! Your Mother will love it - Happy Birthday to her! Hugs, Laura

by pennyhal2 09 Oct 2018

Those little pumpkins are a great addition and I really like how you used all the different colors of thread. It is very festive and I'm sure she'll enjoy having it.

by sonjapotgieter 09 Oct 2018

Great gift made!!!So Beautiful!!!Gorgeous!!!!

by noah 09 Oct 2018

love it for sure hugs

by airyfairy 09 Oct 2018

I think this is a wonderful idea and beautifully made. Happy birthday to your mum

by jrob Moderator 09 Oct 2018

Perfect for fall and especially a monumental birthday! Tell her Happy Birthday from all of us here, please.

by basketkase 09 Oct 2018

What a terrific will love it!

by lilylady 09 Oct 2018

Very nice fall table runner. Your mom will love it.. Love colors and pumpkins.

by katydid 09 Oct 2018

Great job!

by shirley124 08 Oct 2018

Very nice. Happy Birthday to your mum. Hugs

by pennifold 08 Oct 2018

It's gorgeous Pam, I know your Mum will love it. My Mum is turning 85 in January and we are taking her to Adelaide, South Australia (where we came from) I hope your Mum has a wonderful day and appreciates the work involved in making this great runner, love the Pumpkins by the way. Love Chris

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sewpam by sewpam 10 Oct 2018

Thank you Chris. Mom will appreciate and will probably use it all year, not just in the fall. In January I will be jealous, it will be your summer when we will probably have snow, I am a summer person.

by dragonflyer 08 Oct 2018

Great job...I am sure she will love having it as a remembrance of her birthday and throughout the year...