by lbrow 05 Oct 2018

Hey Guys I was finally able to get a copy of a picture of the King Quilt for the Fire dept we just finished. Blurry but all I could get my hands on. I am 3rd from left, just my head. This was when it was presented to the VolunteerFD. The quilters are first 3 on left and the 2 heads you see on left. Lady in the middle is our Club President


by jrob Moderator 11 Oct 2018

I hope someone realized what a treasure they had.

by dailylaundry 10 Oct 2018

So very beautiful - such lovely work!! Great job! Hugs, Laura

by hightechgrammy 10 Oct 2018

It's so beautiful! Thank you for giving or your time, talents and hearts.

by airyfairy 06 Oct 2018

Brilliant. It is absolutely enormous. Well done to all

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lbrow by lbrow 07 Oct 2018

Thank you Sarah!

by noah 06 Oct 2018

Lovely work as always Lillian hugs xx

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lbrow by lbrow 07 Oct 2018

Hugs for you also. I too, thought it looked great when we finished

by toogie 06 Oct 2018

Beautiful! It is sure to raise a lot of money to support the fire department's needs. A wonderful project and I'm sure you are proud to have been a part of it!

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lbrow by lbrow 07 Oct 2018

I was Toogie and I'm always in favor of helping these guys. Many times they came and picked Ron up when he fell and I couldn't get him up.

by pennifold 06 Oct 2018

Lovely quilt and the work and love that went into making it would have been greatly appreciated. Such a great gift for the Fire department. Love Chris

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lbrow by lbrow 07 Oct 2018

Thank you Chris.

by lilylady 06 Oct 2018

What an amazing quilt. Very nice donation.

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lbrow by lbrow 07 Oct 2018

Thank you!

by sewdeb 05 Oct 2018

What a stunning quilt! You ladies did a fantastic job!

by crafter2243 Moderator 05 Oct 2018

WOW WOW. What a beautiful quilt you ladies have created.

by dragonflyer 05 Oct 2018 ladies did a fantastic job...I am sure it was appreciated...

by cfidl 05 Oct 2018

You have made a wonderful quilt. I am sure the Fire Dept. will benefit from your effort.