by mpeart 04 Oct 2018

Does anyone know where I can purchase the pattern for the 3 zipper purse that uses the Jacobean designs from Hatched in Africa?

Margie Peart


by cfidl 14 Oct 2018

I purchased a 3 zipper pusrse from embroidery garden. It did not have the HIA design on it.

by pennyhal2 13 Oct 2018

Welcome to Cuties!

There are a lot of purses that have 3 zippers so we have no way of knowing which purse you are looking for. A picture would help!

by babash 05 Oct 2018

If you type 3 zipper purse in Google search bar you will find one at Embroidery Garden but it doesn't have the Hatched in Africa design on it.
Where did you see this purse as it is not on her site.

by crafter2243 Moderator 05 Oct 2018

Where did you see the purse?