by babash 15d ago

My son asked if I could make him a new Bucket hat. He saw some road signs fabric I had recently bought and thought that would be different than what he had already.

He prefers this style of hat as he shaves his head and also the brim protects his ears from sunburn. The ears can get Skin Cancer from too much Sun.
I didn't make the pattern it was a commercial one I bought a while ago but still current. But I am sure there probably is one online. This one is fully lined and all cotton and can be thrown in the wash.
No the head is not him I just used it to show the hat better.


by anitapatch 11d ago

Lovely idea. Makes you think about the animals

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babash by babash 11d ago

Thank you

by pennifold 14d ago

Great job on this hat Barbara. We came back from Canberra in late August and the amount of road kill was dreadful. Motorists don't slow down enough for our poor fauna. Love Chris

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babash by babash 13d ago

Yes I know it is awful but there are so many Kangaroos that just jump out in front of the cars with little or no warning.

by shirley124 14d ago

Great hat. He will be thrilled with it. Well done. Hugs

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babash by babash 13d ago

Oh he was wears it everywhere now.

by kustomkuddle 15d ago

Wonderful job on the hat. The fabric does make it unique!

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babash by babash 13d ago

Thank you. Funny thing is if we wanted to buy one in the shops it would have a tag on it Made in China. All our Australian souvenirs are made over there.

by sewdeb 15d ago

Great job! I love the fabric!

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babash by babash 13d ago

Thank you

by toogie 15d ago

I would hope that you didn't remove his head for a model!!!!-lol
You have done an A+ job on this hat. Love it!

sewdeb by sewdeb 15d ago


babash by babash 13d ago

Have been tempted at times when he was younger. Now he is all grown up and is my number 1 fan.

by bemara 15d ago

with the unusual material, is the hat an eye-cacher, hugs Maria

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babash by babash 15d ago

These are road signs we have in the country in Australia to tell you to be careful they maybe crossing the road so you don't run them over and kill them.