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by bemara ( edited 14 Nov 2018 ) 30 Sep 2018

Ich suche ein Schnittmuster von KWIK-SEW K3260, es ist bei uns nicht mehr zu kaufen - vielleicht bei dir?

I search a cut pattern of KWIK-SEW for K 3260, it is not to be bought with us any more - maybe with you?
Thank you :-) Maria


by crafter2243 Moderator 01 Oct 2018

Maria Ich bin am suchen, aber bis jetzt hab ich nichts gefunden. Anscheinend ist die Production von dem Schnittmuster eingestellt. Reklame ist noch da, aber nicht mehr zum kaufen.

Maria I am looking but have not found one yet. Apparently they discontinued the pattern. Advertising still exist but no longer to be able to purchase.

rescuer by rescuer 01 Oct 2018

Would this help?

bemara by bemara 01 Oct 2018

Hi Angie, bei uns ist auch nur Werbung zu finden, deshalb wundere ich mich das topcat5 sie gefunden hat . . wäre toll wenn du mir das schicken könntest :-), liebe Grüße Maria

by topcat5 01 Oct 2018

In the US I searched and had many places that are selling the pattern. Are you able to buy from one of the USA places? topcat5

bemara by bemara 01 Oct 2018

Because I do not get the cut pattern in Germany, if nothing else is left to me to shop in the USA.
Do you know whether the traders work with paypal and do send by letter? Or would you help me?
I have tried to shop about Amazon - was not to be got . . . or do you have another idea?
dear thanks for your efforts, hugs Maria

crafter2243 by crafter2243 01 Oct 2018

If you find it for purchasing let me know. I would not mind getting it for Maria and mail it to her

topcat5 by topcat5 01 Oct 2018

crafter 2243: I have spent an hour trying to find the pattern on different sites. Just sent an e-mail to McCalls since they own Kwik Sew. Let's see what answer I get!

crafter2243 by crafter2243 01 Oct 2018

Thank you. I am afraid it is discontinued. Lots of links, but no purchasing possibility