by noah ( edited 26d ago ) 29d ago

Not sure if u can see these or not???This is my second fall towel for a contest i am running here on our towns site***Hope u like it???This was a freebie somewhere the other day****Thanks for LQQKING!!!Hugs Carolyn

Matachewan, Ontario
And the winner this week is;
Diane Marie The Fall has the best colors and smells. Walking on crunching leaves is awesome. Fresh air is wonderful in the Fall. Wood stoves to warm us up and somehow the smell of apple pie in oven. All the comfort foods: stews and hearty soup. This is the season to EAT Come over and get your free towel****Try again next week with new towel everyone ****


by toogie 27d ago

I see him/her fine-looks great! You have my vote-Hope you win!!!

noah by noah 27d ago

No i am giving away a towel ***

toogie by toogie 27d ago

Oh,ok-well you are very generous to make and give so many away.

by carolpountney 27d ago

Very nice just love the design

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noah by noah 27d ago

Thanks Carol

by pennyhal2 28d ago

Oh my! I'm amazed that you were able to add a contest with your busy schedule! A great idea to get people to interact with each other. It is a cute design to boot!

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noah by noah 28d ago

Thanks for looking hugs

by peafarm 28d ago

Cute towel--love how the wording is in the fall colors of varigated threads and just wondering where this fall design came from. Cute garden design. So much fun to have a contest. Wondering what your question was......

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noah by noah 28d ago

It was what do u love about fall*****

by brendalea 28d ago

Nice towels as always. Hope the contest goes well.
Happy Stitching!!!

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noah by noah 28d ago

Not bad for 1st round 15 commented and 9 just liked the idea ****

by sonjapotgieter 28d ago

Beautiful design and Work done!!!Great contest!!!

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noah by noah 28d ago

Thanks hugs4u2

by basketkase 28d ago

What a pretty towel, Carolyn...… fun to run a contest!

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noah by noah 28d ago

yep i ask a Question they all answer best answer gets the towel ****

by cfidl 28d ago

I love it and I think I missed it. It looks great, but if you are doing the contest, can you win it?Lol!

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noah by noah 28d ago

only for people of my town lol

by pennifold 28d ago

Great job with matching the fabric trim with the Scarecrow. Love Chris

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noah by noah 28d ago

Thanks Chris hug4u2

by sebsews 28d ago

Love the scarecrow and the personal touch with variegated thread and border. It's a winner!

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noah by noah 28d ago

i love that thread****

by katydid 28d ago

Yes, right up mu]y alley with the fabric border. Looks great !! Hope you win.

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noah by noah 28d ago

well hi katy did it*****thanks

by babash 29d ago

Love the smile on the scarecrow.
Well done.

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noah by noah 28d ago

yes i liked it to lol

by dragonflyer 29d ago

Very Cute! Love the variegated thread...

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noah by noah 28d ago

thanks Kim

by brendago 29d ago

Cute, Brenda#1

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noah by noah 28d ago

Thanks my friend from camp****hugs