by dragonflyer 20 Sep 2018

Another ITH Doggie Doodie Bag but only one hooping for this one...I think it is better for craft fairs as it stitches out much quicker...again fully lined with no raw edges...Thanks for looking again Cuties!


by bemara 10 Oct 2018

wow, love the design, it looks so good in jeans, hugs Maria =^..^=

by airyfairy 10 Oct 2018

Great “poo” bags Kim. Love the dog paw material

by blueeyedblonde 08 Oct 2018

Love this idea! Great job!

by dailylaundry 08 Oct 2018

Love these!! The cloth design is so much more reasonable to stitch out. Easier on the machine and your pocket book! Great designs!!! Hugs to you, Laura

by crazypatchmama 08 Oct 2018

Nice to see this design from you. Is this for the doggie bag? love it, hope to be able to show my projects again, need to do something again after the death of my mom. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Mary

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 08 Oct 2018

Hi sorry to hear about your Mom...I felt the same way when my Mom passed a little over two years ago.....
Yes, this is for the doggies little "poo" and useful!

by carolpountney 23 Sep 2018

Great idea love your work

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 23 Sep 2018

Thank you, Carol.....

by winterdahlie 22 Sep 2018

Very cute bag!

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 23 Sep 2018

Thank you....and welcome to Cute!

by 2cute edited 20 Sep 2018

Very cute! Is this one of your patterns? Just wondering if it Is for sale? Great job! Thanks for sharing your work.
Tried to add a bouquet... cannot figure out how.

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 20 Sep 2018

Thank you...and yes, it is one of my designs...just click on the little "flower" icon to say thanks and water the flowers in the gardens...

by noah 20 Sep 2018

Are one of these for Mr. Peeko lol love them****

by pennifold edited 20 Sep 2018

Your'e on a roll with these Kim, well done. Love Chris