by crafter2243 Moderator 18 Sep 2018

Sometimes life needs a little excitement and this is exactly what happened to me. I had gone grocery shopping, and other then it being a very windy day, nothing unusual. Shortly after arriving home the phone rang. A women from the monthly craft group called asking if I was OK. After reassuring her that everything is fine and I was only gone grocery shopping, she made a sigh of re-leave and then told me the following story.

Her husband had gone to visit their daughter using his bike (daughter lives a few houses away from me) When he came close to my house (I live on a corner lot) he noticed a whole lot of fabric pieces all over the street and on my property, some of them dancing in the wind. He got off his bike and started chasing and collecting them because he figured that they had to be mine.

All the time she is telling me this I am thinking.
Someone entered my house, got by my German Shepherd, went upstairs, opened the window and threw out fabric?......and then she told be that her husband also saw a big Costco bag which he used to gather all the pieces and then left it at my front door.

That is when the light bulb went of and I started laughing. A quilter friend of mine moved out of state and decided to leave a few things behind in my garage, among them a big Costco bag full of scrap material. When I was getting the Christmas decoration, the bag of scraps was in my way and I had put it on the floor. Obviously I forgot to put it back and as I was driving out of the garage I must have dragged the bag along and that is the why the neighborhood got decorated in the most unusual way.

I did eventually make good use of all that colorful fabric as you can tell. These 2 only need to be sandwiched and quilted.


by sebsews 20 Sep 2018

Great story! Quilts are beautiful!

by pennifold 20 Sep 2018

Fabulous quilts Angie and I'm so glad the bag was retrieved. Love Chris

by mops Moderator 20 Sep 2018

Thanks for the laugh. Your quilt tops look wonderful - they will bring a laugh to the recipients!

by bemara 20 Sep 2018

So schnell kann man eine Strasse schmücken und der Nachbarschaft eine Freude machen - LOL, Liebe Grüße Maria

by lucy12345 19 Sep 2018

How wonderful!Have a great day

by basketkase 19 Sep 2018

Thank you for the wonderful laugh......your quilts are terrific!

by carolpountney 19 Sep 2018

What a lovely and funny story

by AllRaggedy 19 Sep 2018

I am chuckling at your story, and can just visualize the whole scene. What a lovely neighbor you have and also what lovely quilts you make. Thank you for sharing your marvelous story and quilts.

by pennyhal2 19 Sep 2018

Your story not only made me laugh, but renewed my faith in the kindness of others. I can visualize your neighbor running after all those little pieces. Good for her!

by kustomkuddle 19 Sep 2018

Thank you for the chuckle-not at your friend almost having a heart attack though! But I can just picture her husband running around chasing the fabric. What a good friend. Love the quilts. What a treasure from your other friend.

by graceandham 19 Sep 2018

I'm naming these two "Blown About" and "Straightened Out". Loved the story and your quilts are fabulous. You have lifted my heart this morning with your beautiful quilts.

by gerryvb 19 Sep 2018

great story and great result of the fabric too !! With love, Gerry

by dragonflyer 19 Sep 2018

What a story! Look what you have done with those lovely pieces of fabric...

by sewdeb 19 Sep 2018

What a great story and a very kind fellow to chase your stash! The quilts are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the story.

by maleah 19 Sep 2018

Beautiful tribute

by RodnickBiljon 19 Sep 2018

They are absolutely stunning wish I had an eye for matching colours like that

by spendlove Moderator 19 Sep 2018

The ones that nearly got away!

by toogie 18 Sep 2018

I love reading (hearing ) this story. I am laughing yet again, thinking of your street. Your neighbor knows you well- lol
You have made good with all the fabrics and the neighbor should be proud he saved them.

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 18 Sep 2018

I laugh also every time picturing the whole thing, because that was a big big bag.