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by spendlove Moderator ( edited 15 Sep 2018 ) 15 Sep 2018

I know that some people have trouble following written instructions, so I've been trying to make videos instead. This set of four explains how to make a quilt block in the hoop.


by jofrog2000 24 Oct 2018

I could listen to you all day. You've done a great job with these. Thank you.

by dailylaundry 22 Oct 2018

Sue - these videos are wonderful!!! Truly - well done! It answers some things I was wondering about. I notice, you, just like me, get your fingers right into the sewing area - be careful - I have sewn over a finger once and it was so fun!! Thanks for posting - I am certain it took a lot of time and work to produce! Hugs, Laura

by maca6o 22 Oct 2018

dat is een goed idee zode voorbeeld en te laten zien dank je wel

by pennifold 16 Sep 2018

They are all perfect Sue, thanks for taking the time and sharing your expertise on doing these. It is really appreciated by me, as i know how much time and effort goes into doing these. Love Chris

by stock 16 Sep 2018

thankyou Sue, no. 4 is great, my problem was I tried to make the backing in one pieice, now I understand...wendy

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spendlove by spendlove 16 Sep 2018

Glad to have helped.

by maymason1 16 Sep 2018

I think even I can follow these instructions :)

by babash 16 Sep 2018

Great Videos you are a natural at explaining things. I loved the way you were so relaxed as you did each one. Makes you think I can do that too.

Would love to see you do one for in the hoop zipper bags. I noticed a few people say they are too nervous to try making one. Maybe this would help them?
Must admit I sat with my finger on the stop button the first time as I couldn't believe what you could do with an Embroidery machine without breaking it.
My hat goes off to you for sharing your knowledge with us. Thank You.

spendlove by spendlove 16 Sep 2018

Here are some zip purse videos - however they do not use the conventional method of putting a zip in!

babash by babash 16 Sep 2018

Thanks for the purse ones. I haven't done one that way. On my list to do now.

maca6o by maca6o 22 Oct 2018

dank je wel begrijp het zo beter

by shirley124 15 Sep 2018

Thanks You Sue. Hugs

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by basketkase edited 15 Sep 2018

Yes, yes, yes...… perfect! We all know how bad I am at understanding written instructions...can't wait to watch these and a huge thank you to you, Sue, for seeing the need for this!!
I just watched and it is so is very cool!!!
Thanks again, Sue, and I could listen to you talk (your accent) all day!!!

spendlove by spendlove 16 Sep 2018

These are about zips Vikki - with you in mind!;;;

basketkase by basketkase 16 Sep 2018

OMG, Sue...….thank you, you are truly an inspiration and I will watch these and hope it will cure my angst regarding the dastardly zips!

by 06jannie 15 Sep 2018

Thank you! Would love to try this in the hoop technique.
Are there patterns for this quilt, or do I have to digitize it myself?
I do have the software for only a few weeks, so not much experience.

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spendlove by spendlove 15 Sep 2018

The design for this block will be available from my Facebook group Engineered in Stitches very soon. I have a lot of ITH quilt block designs there but they are a bit more complex than this one!

by crafter2243 Moderator 15 Sep 2018

As I am getting on in age I like the videos better. Sometimes the written instructions are not as easy. I am sure for the writer as well. Thanks for doing them.

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spendlove by spendlove 15 Sep 2018

I can edit written instructions!

by Kampfzwerg 15 Sep 2018

Thank you for sharing. Simple and easy to understand. Hugs