by noah 12 Sep 2018

Started my C/mas sewing today now camping is done for the season***This runner will be for my Grandson Noah **I will be putting Vicki's (baskase) designs all over it **Love her newest design don't you???Thanks for LQQKING!!Hugs Carolyn


by sebsews 14 Sep 2018

Very nice! I'm sure he will love it.

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noah by noah 14 Sep 2018

I hope sew hugs

by basketkase 13 Sep 2018

Wow, Carolyn.......what a neat gift for a guy.......this looks great on this fabric!!

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noah by noah 13 Sep 2018

yep hope to add more yet****thanks

by pennyhal2 13 Sep 2018

I have a husband who'd love this! Love that design and he is sure to enjoy receiving it!......and I'm turning green with envy of your thread collection...

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noah by noah 13 Sep 2018

lol some buy smokes bozzzz whatever i buy thread lol

by peafarm 13 Sep 2018

My husbands loves the car cruises and I go along mostly for the ride, ha ha--Loving the sketches of the old cars and trucks. I am also envying what is behind--all those luscious thread spools. Yes, your grandson is what we call a 'go-getter' with all those jobs. Very ambitious young man at 17--reminds me of our only grandson. Love looking Noah.

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noah by noah 13 Sep 2018

Thanks he cleans and feeds cows at 5 am then babysits from 7 till bus time 2 kids then goes to his school job which is learning to be a plumier and an electrician this year by mid 2020 he will have his licence we hope lol thanks

by cfidl 13 Sep 2018

Love that truck! Happy Holiday stitching to you!

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noah by noah 13 Sep 2018

Thanks Christie hugs4u2

by sonjapotgieter 13 Sep 2018

Going to look so Stunning!!!Lucky fellow..Going to love it!!!

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noah by noah 13 Sep 2018

I hope sew he is a dear and a hard worker got 3 jobs and he's only 17!!!

by pennifold 13 Sep 2018

Gorgeous and Noah will love it. I always have a smile when I see Chevy, I immediately think of Chevy Chase for some reason. Love Chris

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noah by noah 13 Sep 2018

lol yep *****thanks Chris hugs

by lbrow edited 12 Sep 2018

Love the wheat fabric you chose. I too, need to get started on Christmas but must get the orphanage dresses finished first.. I so miss Ron wanting to see each one and telling me how cute it looked. Lot of things going around here lately so stay busy. Your grandson is going to love the vintage vehicles

graceandham by graceandham 12 Sep 2018

Lillian, Post them and we'll fill in for Mr. Ron for now! Love you darling. Kudos for the above design to noah.

noah by noah 12 Sep 2018

Thanks my friend and yes i am sure you miss him daily maybe hourly hugs Carolyn xx