by sigrun ( edited 12 Sep 2018 ) 12 Sep 2018

Well, now there are 8 blocks ready and it's only after deciding whether to be two rows or one row and how the edge should be .........

But it will not be decided until after 23rd September. I'm going to stay for 9 days in Pesaro in Italy during the Golden Age festival.


by Shisha 19 Sep 2018

Sooooo pretty!

by pennyhal2 13 Sep 2018

Why stop at eight? A few more and you could have a table cloth! Or some placemats! I love your stitchout of this quilt. It really is gorgeous and shows the fantastic skills you have with both ME and quilting. I'm eager to see the finish top!

by cfidl 13 Sep 2018

Wow! That sounds wonderful. I hpe you take lots of pictures to share with us. I do like the 2 rows, however it depends on what length you want.

by sonjapotgieter 13 Sep 2018

Agree!!!The Two rows Show pattern so Beautiful!!!Well done

by mariagiannina 13 Sep 2018

My opinion (again! LOL) is two rows together definitely It's looking really great! I love it so much, I might have to buy the designs!

by queenofhearts 12 Sep 2018

If I may add my vote it would be for two rows which I feel is much more impressive.

by lbrow 12 Sep 2018

Oh it is going to be beautiful.

by pennifold 12 Sep 2018

Hi Sigrun, well I definitely feel that the two rows side by side is the best option as it gives the extra dimension of the cross centre. It looks fantastic. Love Chris

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sigrun by sigrun 12 Sep 2018

Yes I think it too, thank you Chris