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by noah ( edited 04 Sep 2018 ) 04 Sep 2018

i need to make towel with a rock truck for a miner or a yuklet truck any ideas where i could buy one?? or miners hats with goggles???Thanks


by gerryvb 05 Sep 2018

perhaps you can find some here: and for free

noah by noah 05 Sep 2018

thanks will go look hugs

noah by noah 05 Sep 2018

found rocks and hammer thanks

noah by noah 05 Sep 2018

there was a man ====

by graceandham 05 Sep 2018

Carolyn, I have to ask... what is a yuklet truck? Your friend "South of the Border."

noah by noah 05 Sep 2018

huge rock truck that is built for underground rocks miners use them hugs

graceandham by graceandham 07 Sep 2018

Thanks. Your life is so interesting.

by pennifold 04 Sep 2018

Hi Carolyn, there is a Miner's hat with a light on it below. Love Chris