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by dragonflyer ( edited 16d ago ) 16d ago

Sept 4 - Cauldron D at Tattered Stitch...
Fringe Lion A up at All Sorts....
Christmas Block #8 at HIA.....
New Frame Font A up at Thread Treasures....
The Birthday Event has begun at Graceful and first freebie is posted in your Member Level Account....
Pumpkin Artist U at Betty's...


by momac 15d ago

Thank you

by plhooyer 16d ago

It is a bit confusing, be sure you are logged in, then look at the home tab on the top left of your screen. Just to the right of that tab, there will be another tab with a color name, mine shows silver. Click on that tab and you will enter into the member area.

by markus 16d ago

Thank you

by genin 16d ago

I ask some help to find the first freebie

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 16d ago

If it is Graceful Embroidery, you need to be a member of the Forum and then be approved by Hazel. After that, when you log in at Graceful Embroidery, you will see your Member Level in the bar across the top next to the "Home" level happens to be on your Member Level and it will take you to your Member Account where the birthday free designs are...If you are not an approved member of the Forum, you will not see any Member Level next to the "Home" icon.

genin by genin 16d ago

Thank you very much for your answer but I can't find it and Gracul Embroidery has accepted me in the Forum

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 16d ago

Since all the birthday designs will be up throughout the entire event, perhaps you should e-mail Hazel and let her know you are having a problem after logging in that you do not see your member level (platinum, gold, bronze, standard, etc...) next to the Home icon. I am sure she will try to do whatever is necessary to fix it.

by sdrise 16d ago

Thank You!!