by lique 04 Sep 2018

These are panels of Dogpark of McKenna Ryan. I made 3of the 6 panels now. It is going to be a very big wall hanging. Lots of work but I love the results.


by pennifold 04 Sep 2018

Just wanted to ask that you post the finished quilt. It will be gorgeous. Love Chris

by sbott54 04 Sep 2018

Wow! Beautiful work.

by parkermom 04 Sep 2018

I have loved this pattern for a couple of years now, and still haven't tried it It is beautiful

by bemara 04 Sep 2018

Great and soooo cute, hugs Maria

by dailylaundry 04 Sep 2018

Oh, these are so wonderful - worth all the hard work!!! Just love them! Hugs, Laura

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by sewtired edited 04 Sep 2018

Wow, these are fantastic! Where did you find the panels?
Okay, I did a search and here are some links.
So is the first one just a full quilt panel or are they the individual panels like you have shown. Is the second link for pieces to be appliqued to the panels? I'm totally confused now.

lique by lique 04 Sep 2018

They come all as separate paper patterns. I bought a pack with all the 7paterns. You can buy them with precut shapes, but I love to use my own material and choose my own colour schemes. The patterns are rather pricey for just patterns but the results are lovely.

sewtired by sewtired 04 Sep 2018

Thank you so much for the response. So, if I understand correctly, you supplied all the materials, cut out the pieces with the purchased patterns, appliqued them to your background piece and quilted them. So impressive and lovely. My brother would love a quilt like this, but I'm not sure I would ever find the time for such comprehensive project.

lique by lique 07 Sep 2018

That’s right, you could just do one panel instead of the whole quilt.

by dragonflyer 04 Sep 2018

Nice job, Angelique...can't wait to see it finished...

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by pennifold edited 04 Sep 2018

Great job Angeliue and they all look so happy to be alive. Love Chris

P.S. How big are the individual panels?

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lique by lique 04 Sep 2018

Abour 40 cm wide

by sewdeb 04 Sep 2018

Adorable! I love it, too! Hugs* Deb

by jrob Moderator 04 Sep 2018

Can't wait to see it finished. Those are some adorable panels.