by lique 04 Sep 2018

Not the best photo. Light was all wrong. These bags are very popular. These are my own designs. I used the fabric as inspiration.


by phone1lady 11 Sep 2018

beautiful bag, designs & colors, May I ask what kind of machine you have & the attachment that holds several spools of thread, it looks like it is attached to the machine, i would be interested in that. Thanks

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lique by lique 16 Sep 2018

It is a Bernina machine and I bought the attachment separate. I find it easy to put my threads ready for the whole pattern as I have often 3 machines running.

by zoefzoef 08 Sep 2018

I can understand why these bags are popular. They look great. Also good choise with the fabric !

by katydid 04 Sep 2018

Lovely bag,

by pennifold 04 Sep 2018

Love your designs on this bag and beautiful matching with the fabric. I love your workroom too!!!!!!! Beautiful view out your windows, love Chris

by sonjapotgieter 04 Sep 2018

Stunning!!!Love it

by pennyhal2 04 Sep 2018

A wonderful choice of thread, fabric, and designs! It really looks like a piece of art. I can see why people love them as it not only looks appealing, it looks quite useful too. I can't decide if you just used batting for stabilizer, or something else. It looks so soft and lovely.

lique by lique 04 Sep 2018

This bag is made out of squares. I embroider 22 squares with tear away backing, then put the wadding and the larger square of back fabric behind it, fold the edges as a rim. So yes soft and amazingly spacious.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 07 Sep 2018

Thanks for the additional information!

by crafter2243 Moderator 04 Sep 2018

Great way to improve on the fabric. Great bag.

by mops Moderator 04 Sep 2018

Yes, these bags are popular. I love the designs you made and put on the blocks, very beautiful!

by dragonflyer 04 Sep 2018

Beautiful the fabric and colors!

by kathymourie 04 Sep 2018


by lbrow 04 Sep 2018


by lilylady 04 Sep 2018

yes they are, love your fabric. Looks great.

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lbrow by lbrow 04 Sep 2018

Love what you are doing