by basketkase 15d ago

OMG, is this the cutest? This is a free sheep pattern I found....I will have to make this for sure, I love the big size of it....Sue, I thought of you when I saw this!! I posted the link to the pattern, I hope someone makes this, I will have to wait til all my shows are done before I can start one.... I have done bobbles before, but not this many......Am unable to add the link, here it is....


by bemara 14d ago

new domestic animals LOL, how sweetly, hugs Maria

by sewtired 14d ago

So very cute!

by stork 15d ago

I love these. Wish I could knit....I only crochet.

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 13d ago

I found a crochet pattern for a very similar sheep...the link is below!

by sewdeb 15d ago

Adorable! I wish I could knit or crochet!

by pennifold 15d ago

These look fantastic Vicki. I'm always amazed at how varied our crafting people are around the world. This bobble wool pattern looks gorgeous. Love Chris

by pennyhal2 15d ago

They sure are cute!

by spendlove Moderator 15d ago

Gorgeous! Off to get the pattern.

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basketkase by basketkase 15d ago

Lol, Sue....I knew you would love it!

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by dragonflyer edited 15d ago

Oh, I love it....I wish it were for crochet....faster than knitting for me!

Well, woo hoo, her is one for crochet!!!

basketkase by basketkase 15d ago

Awesome, Kim.....I love these and I love how big the are...

stork by stork 14d ago

So glad to have this....thank you!

by cfidl 15d ago

totally adorable.

by dailylaundry 15d ago

Ohhhhhh! These simply made me smile!!! So cute!