by naven 03 Sep 2018

Hello Friends

Please give me some suggestion for digitizing Embroidery Design. I am from India and I am not aware of the Western Taste. I don't know what you all friends like to digitized.

So, please suggest what kind of design I should digitized to sell on my website?


by noah 16 Oct 2018

I like rw designs One color or shadows as they sew out fast and look lovely***Canada***

by snoukems 14 Oct 2018

I like Celtic designs as well as free standing lace in a 4x4 hoop. Things that have to do with grade school but are not cartoon-y would be nice; pencils, rulers, notebooks, chalkboards, teacher related things & quotes. I agree with Lidia on in-the-hoop projects.

by theduchess 14 Oct 2018

I LOVE swirly vines for sheets, pillow cases , table runners. Have been looking for something similar to this but can never find any.(Movie clip is from Robin Hood with Uma Thurman)If you can make it out HEARTS are used as leaves. Saw it once but it was not for sale.I'd buy it.

by babash 24 Sep 2018

Not much around in designs for Men. Anything to do with sport especially Cricket and Football. So much sport is American style not much around in Australian or English games. But not trademark designs just general ones. Especially if Shirts could be colour changed for your local team.

by lidiad 22 Sep 2018

I like floral designs, free-standing lace doilies for large hoops to be stitched out in one hooping, in-the-hoop projects. Best wishes!
Hugs, Lidia

by maymason1 03 Sep 2018

positive African American people, occupations, In love, sports , Family etc... Thanks for asking,

by dragonflyer 03 Sep 2018

Great ideas and suggestions from graceandham (Betsey)...I totally agree!

by graceandham 03 Sep 2018

Look at the designs on some of my favorite sites! Cute Embroidery, Amazing Embroidery Designs, Urban Threads, Embroidery Library, From the Needle of Anne. Also, please don't offer trademarked designs such as Disney or cartoons, as it can get you and me both in legal trouble. Any art work you use, you must have permission of the artist to digitize. Best wishes.