by stock 29 Aug 2018

I am trying to digitize a hooped quilt all in one hoop, I have the back ground done in 6 hoopings, ( 1 piece background fabric moving the hoop 6 times) added the binding ith, , the backing, I would have to attach it on top of hoop and turn the quilt, is this the only way to do it, can't work out how to put it under the hoop and also move it, has anyone seen directions for ith quilts,....wendy


by noah 16 Oct 2018

Go look on Sues Site (spendlove) there might be some help there???

by stock 30 Aug 2018

I made this one a few years ago, did the background and tree on sewing machine, then added the embroidery, I was trying to redo it as one piece split in to doing 6 hoop changes that fit together as a whole, I digitized each piece seperately I wanted to just move the hoop along as I sewed while holding the extra fabric ...hard to explian wendy

by dragonflyer 29 Aug 2018

Hmmmm....I am with Sue....not sure I totally understand what you are asking....I have quilted many full size quilts using several different embroidery hoop sizes including one what I love that has clamp down levers with a hinge on one side joining the top and bottom pieces of the hoop, which allows me to release the clamps, move the quilt into position, re-clamp the top hoop without even removing it from the machine. Adding binding to small items ITH I have done, but I have not added binding ITH on a full size quilt. I have also done lots of quilts using the Quilt as You Go methods (there are several) but these are done block by block....Perhaps you could give us a bit more information on what exactly you are looking to do...

by spendlove Moderator 29 Aug 2018

I'm not sure I fully understand your question. I make ITH quilts as separate blocks joined ITH as I go along and have also added binding ITH to placemats and other small items. To quilt a whole quilt, I use a quilting hoop with magnetic clips which can easily be moved about for rehooping.