by 02kar Moderator 28 Aug 2018

Hello everyone. Once again I am apologizing to you all. My handsome hubby and I had to race 1500 miles to his mother's bedside just over a month ago. It has been a tough month with her death, the estate legal stuff, my husband's short (thank goodness) hospitalization and the list goes on and on. And in the middle of it all, my laptop died and there was just too much going on to be able to replace it and get it up and running. But we are home safely again and picking up the pieces, trying to catch up on everything left undone this past month at home. I wish a very belated birthday to all of you that I missed. I have been praying a lot and the Cuties have been included in those prayers. And I will ask for prayers for my SIL, Helen who was hospitalized 2 days before we left, had emergency surgery the morning we left for home and is having a very painful and difficult recovery. Yes, we have been under a lot of stress and it just continues along with all of the legal stuff. And now I will start catching up with my Cute family. Thanks, I know some of you have been wondering what happened to me and have been praying. We needed each and every one of those prayers. Please keep them coming.


by sewdeb 31 Aug 2018

I'm so sorry for your loss, Karen and all the other things you have had to deal with. I will keep you, your hubby and your SIL in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs*, Deb

by lbrow 30 Aug 2018

Sorry it's been so much for you to have to deal with Karen, I know how it is. You are in my prayers and you have been missed. Maybe things will settle down now that you are back home. Know the Lord has carried you both through it all.

by kustomkuddle 29 Aug 2018

I am so sorry for your loss and all the other things going on as well. I will definitely keep you and your family in prayer.

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by basketkase edited 29 Aug 2018

So sorry you lost your MIL......Breathe, Karen and will pray things slow down and even out for you.... legal stuff is never fun!

by mrskiki 29 Aug 2018

Keeping you in my prayers. It is especially difficult when you are so far away. Glad things are returning to normal for you. Hugs. Nan W

by cfidl 28 Aug 2018

Bless your heart.

by sdrise 28 Aug 2018

Prayers are coming your way and for Helen and the family. Miss you already!

by pennifold 28 Aug 2018

Dear Karen, I'm so sorry that your Mother in law has died. We went through it last year so know what you've been through. I know you have a strong faith and felt all the prayers of the ladies on here. May God continue to be with you all. I'm so thankful for your safe arrival back home after all those events. I'll keep Helen in my prayers and pray that her recovery will get less and less painful.
Now it's time for you to renew your strength. God bless, love Chris

by dailylaundry 28 Aug 2018

So sorry for the difficulties you and your hubby have had to deal with. Life sometimes throws us such curves that it is hard to manage. Certainly you and your sister have my prayers, my friend. Take it easy and be patient the little things will sort out. Loads of hugs, Laura

by maleah 28 Aug 2018

I am sorry to hear of all your troubles. But, the good Lord gives us only as much as we can handle. Boy, you must have enormous shoulders.... Hope all smooths out soon for you. God Bless...

by laurasomi 28 Aug 2018

I'm sorry you had such turmoil the last month, my sincere sympathy for you, your DH and family, my thoughts are with you.
Big hugs across the ocean,

by dragonflyer 28 Aug 2018

So sad that you have had such turmoil and loss in your family...glad you are back home and hopefully all will settle down soon! Welcome back, you have been missed....

by crafter2243 Moderator 28 Aug 2018

I have the feeling you need a whole lot of hugs. Praying for you and your family. Better days are ahead.

by gerryvb 28 Aug 2018

sorry to read you were having such a tough month. It's good to see you here again and I hope better days will come. Prayers for your SIL and prayers and hugs for you and family. We did miss you. So here a very big Welcome back hug ))))

by stork 28 Aug 2018

So sorry for your loss. The stress that one has to deal with amidst health issues is very tiring....may you find strength in all our prayers.

by meganne 28 Aug 2018

Oh Karen I am so sad for your family's loss. Losing any loved one is so very painful and our parents passing brings an end of an era that we mourn forever. sending my most sincere sympathy to you, your husband, and your family.
It is time now to recoup and garner all your energies into looking after each other. I pray for you to have strength, courage and fortitude in the months ahead.
Huge cyber hugs and much love, Meg

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02kar by 02kar 28 Aug 2018

Thanks. It has been a tough time made even tougher with the medical issues going on with my hubby and SIL. Thank goodness for the 2 in laws that have manage to stay on their feet during this time.

by rescuer Moderator 28 Aug 2018

Prayers for you and your family. May you be blessed with all you need.

by airyfairy 28 Aug 2018

So pleased to have you back within the Cutie circle. You have been missed.

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02kar by 02kar 28 Aug 2018

Thank you