by dollygk 28 Aug 2018

Hello Cuties, I was surfing the web and came along a picture of a mini sewing machine so I clicked on it, it was a site for 1:12 miniature 'things' for doll houses, HOW do they manage to get these things so exact in such a tiny size???


by kustomkuddle 29 Aug 2018

The detail is amazing!

by sewdoctor 29 Aug 2018

Adorable aren't they??

by cfidl 29 Aug 2018

Wow! Those are small scissors! Thanks for sharing it all.

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by gerryvb edited 28 Aug 2018

oh it's lovely !!! I have seen many miniatures but never this sewing machine. It's great !

by mranderson 28 Aug 2018

They are very cute. Here in Australia our big grocery store, Coles, has a marketing gimmick going that for every $30 you spend you get a miniature of a grocery item. They are made to detail and very cute. It has been quite a success for business. Very smart people.

gerryvb by gerryvb 28 Aug 2018

we had these items here too. Fun to play with for the children.

pennifold by pennifold 28 Aug 2018

Hi Margaret, unfortunately just more rubbish/plastic!!!!!!!!!! I have refused to accept them when offered. Love Chris