by knitty46 27 Aug 2018

Does anyone know this winter house and what company has it?


by bielie 14 Sep 2018

I also could not find it anywhere. It looks like it is applique. If you have a ITH lace basket and you can delete the design on top, you can add your
own design of a house in that space and make it your own. Lynette

by pennifold 13 Sep 2018

Hi knitty, it looks like one of those baskets that you put together in the round. The sides are attached to the base plate. I don't know what company made it though. Maybe have a Google search. Love Chris

by airyfairy 13 Sep 2018

Sorry, I also have never seen it

by cfidl 13 Sep 2018

I looked for it to no avail.

by pennyhal2 27 Aug 2018

I've never seen it!