by gerryb 24 Aug 2018

Made our now 4 yr old grand a dress for her 12 mos. picture, then this month her 9 mos old sister (our miracle baby) had her picture taken in the same dress. Sure glad the mamas keep the things I make for them! I did embroidery the butterfly on the "apron" I was shocked the little one that weighed 3# 14 oz at birth could wear the dress! And she is a little fireball too!


by anitapatch 15 Sep 2018

Lovely dres and a cute Little girl

by cfidl 15 Sep 2018

She is darling. So glad the mom saved the dress! The butterfly looks swell.

by brendalea 01 Sep 2018

What a sweet heart. Lovely dress too. Happy Stitching

by zoefzoef 25 Aug 2018

Lovely dress and cute kids !

by sebsews 24 Aug 2018

She is an adorable baby! Great job on the dress.

by dailylaundry 24 Aug 2018

Oh my, what beautiful girls!! Your dress looks brand new and so cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

by toogie 24 Aug 2018

These girls are ADORABLE! Their little dress and pinafore reminds me of some my girls wore and I kept them too!

by kustomkuddle 24 Aug 2018

She is adorable. I can see the sparkle in her eyes. And of course the dress sets off her beauty!

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lilylady by lilylady 24 Aug 2018

They both are adorable, dress is sew cute on them.

by crafter2243 Moderator 24 Aug 2018

A adorable outfit, but the girls outshine it by far. So cute

by dragonflyer 24 Aug 2018

Soooooo adorable! Both girls are precious angels. Lucky you!
The dress is beautiful.

by pennifold 24 Aug 2018

Fantastic job and what a couple of cuties. Love Chris

by michemb 24 Aug 2018

just precious, too cute

by mrskiki 24 Aug 2018

Beautiful-both the girls and the dress. Hopefully now Mama will keep the dress for when one of these girls has a baby. Hugs. Nan W

by gerryvb 24 Aug 2018

oh these pictures are so cute, the dress is lovely and the girls are adorable !!

by rescuer Moderator 24 Aug 2018

Adorable! How blessed you all are with happy little girls. The dress is well done too. The little darlings are just like Spring with a dress to match!

by graceandham 24 Aug 2018

Both are little charmers. Aren't you glad you sewed something sweet?

by shirley124 24 Aug 2018

So cute. Thanks for sharing your lovely memories. Hugs