by gerryb 21 Aug 2018

Did anyone else receive an email from Joann's about the tariff on craft supplies coming into the USA? I am thinking this is legit as it was also posted by PNW on their social site. May want to consider looking into this. This will raise the price of things we use for our sewing, etc by a good deal of money.


by cfidl 05 Sep 2018

There is a list of proposed tariffs that may be implemented which would affect the prices of things we purchase. The pre-written letter spells out exactly what PUC codes are included. These are all items imported from Europe. I know that angelina fiber is exclusively from Europe. There is a choice to sign the petition or send letters. Please sign if you are so inclined and get ready for the mid terms.

by Janus48 22 Aug 2018

I got this notice as well. BUT...looking at the other side of this problem. I have said for years that I would pay more for things if they were made here which would create more jobs. And that stands true for all countries. We need to produce more of our own stuff. At one time, New England had some of the finest fabric mills. And we produced very good sewing needles and yarns...etc. Those jobs are all gone and mostly to China. Do we really need all of this plastic junk which fills our homes and our front lawns? Do we really need apple juice from China or Oreos from Mexico. Life is all about choices. I don't mean to stir up a hornets nest. Sorry if I offended anyone. Just one old lady's opinion.

sewpam by sewpam edited 22 Aug 2018

You did not offend me, I agree with you. We can only hope it will bring jobs back home with better quality.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 05 Sep 2018


hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 08 Sep 2018

You have made some very good points. I too am willing to pay extra for items made in our country. (Actually, I already do.) The progress we have made is working toward more jobs here, not other places.

by stork 22 Aug 2018

yes. ....the sad part is this will affect not just crafters. It is going to make all things more expensive, as if life isn't expensive enough as it is!

by dragonflyer 22 Aug 2018

Yes...I got makes sense with the new tariff laws. Unfortunately, these will not be the only things impacted...I would go directly to the JoAnn site rather than clicking on the link in the e-mail if there is any doubt about it's legitimacy...

by stock 22 Aug 2018

it has been in our news broadcasts in Aus., for a few months, all of your chinese imports will be more expensive,

by katydid 21 Aug 2018

I am not aware of this.