by cfidl 17 Aug 2018

I checked this site thoroughly and did not see any copyright issues. There are 30 designs for free. It is easiest to go to the free section, however I encourage you to look around. I think you will be impressed.


by hightechgrammy 18 Aug 2018

Such beautiful designs! I viewed lots and lots, and I did find some that remind me of some from Embroidery Library. But, I think this digitizer/artist has more fancy presentations. I'm hoping I can get some of these. I loved the bee! Enough to make people a bit squeamish. Thanks for turning us on to this site.

by fabricfairy 18 Aug 2018

I have stitched out a few of the free designs from here they stitch out beauitfully .

by micntip 18 Aug 2018

Maybe not copyright, but I do see a design that is also on Embroidery Library, and I thought that they designed all of there own designs.

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cfidl by cfidl 18 Aug 2018

I am not sure about that. please private message me with you concern and I will take a look.

by sdrise 18 Aug 2018

Thank You!!

by myownmail35 18 Aug 2018

Thank you!

by marianb 18 Aug 2018

thank you

by momac 18 Aug 2018

Hi, I can't find the free design section. Whereabouts does one go to see her designs?

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cfidl by cfidl 18 Aug 2018

Go to the online embroidery store and down the left hand side you will see a pi of a present.

by genin 18 Aug 2018

Thank you very much for this new link, It's very beautiful

by bielie 18 Aug 2018

Thank you so much, got a few free designs, very beautiful

by jgwatchorn 18 Aug 2018

Thankyou, This is a new site to me too. Janette

by pennifold 17 Aug 2018

Thanks Chris, she has some lovely designs. Love Chris

by sewdeb 17 Aug 2018

Thanks so much! It's a new one to me, too!

by olga241 17 Aug 2018

Danke diese Seite habe ich nicht gekannt

by gerryvb 17 Aug 2018

thank ou, never seen this site before.

by chenille 17 Aug 2018


by markus 17 Aug 2018

Thank you